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Who are we?

The Immaculate Equestrian Academy (IEA) was established by Taneil Shani Arkner in 2008. Based in the beautiful area of Golfview, Walkerville, the academy has gone from strength to strength. The horse riding lessons are an integral part of The IEA Elite programme. Taneil and fellow equestrians, who help with the horse riding lessons, are keen and eager to share their knowledge and love of horses. “We are very excited about providing children with the opportunity to learn to ride and educate them in the peaceful environment of our school. It is always captivating to see how quickly children fall in love with horses,” said Taneil. “Furthermore ,our educators, have a passion for helping children learn and will assist with the daily academic needs.”

Our current status:

We are in the process of applying for a high school license from the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE).This process can take up to two years. In the meantime we have decided to open the academy on a home school basis, once students reach the high school level (GET phase) grade 7 to 9 and the (FET phase) grade 10 to 12, students who have participated the Individual Based Education (IBE) system will automatically qualify.  The Individual Based Education system which we plan to implement until such license is granted, will offer students one on one attention in a small class of various grades.  This environment ensures an extremely personal relationship with their educators. Studies have shown that children in smaller classes achieve better results. Horse riding although not compulsory would be preferred. Curriculum for the IBE system will be as close as possible to the IBE/GDE system thus ensuring a smooth transition into high school.

Board of directors:


Taneil Shani Arkner

Melissa Jeanne Arkner


Vision, Mission and Values:

Our Vision

To be the academy of choice for equestrians and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Our Mission and Values

In an environment of integrity, hard work and responsibility we aim to provide the best of both worlds. Academic skills and equestrian skills of an international standard.

Our concept:

The IEA Elite schooling concept means that learners receive individual attention so that they can be extended and pushed to excel in their specific grade. Learners will follow the GDE/IBE learning areas and assessment guidelines ensuring the highest level of education. The IEA Elite have found that many learners find the current schooling system impersonal and children often end up falling behind because teachers do not have the time to give learners enough individual attention. “ The whole concept of an independently-run school with small numbers, is that learners will have the oppurtunity to develop wholistically and not be stunted by large classes that allow for very little stimulation.

We believe a tried and tested curriculum along with qualified teachers and small classes are the recipe for success. We encourage students and teachers to adopt an attitude of family and team work. Although we expect the highest standard of respect and good manners, we encourage our teachers and students to communicate on an equal level, thus ensuring the kind of relationship where students feel comfortable enough to come to teachers with their problems.

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